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We beekeepers like to work with our hands, don’t we? It’s a really manual job. The drawback is all the work, that once done incorrectly, will do heaps of harm.Even then, we have a tendency to keep on with it. 

One of the explanations why we have a tendency to do is as a result of a number of the work has gotten easier. 

If we expect back to once the Langstroth hive was fictitious, that positively created inspections easier. 

Now we’ve the Flow hive that could be a revolutionary thanks to harvest honey. 

There area unit gadgets that even enable you to observe your hive within the winter while not gap it up by victimisation infrared technology. 

Now, technology has once more come back through to arm United States with large info concerning our precious bees and facilitate with record keeping. 

We shall explore the foremost fashionable apps for apiculture and what they need to supply. 

American Bee Journal 

The yank Bee Journal app is slightly totally different within the incontrovertible fact that it’s additional knowledge-based, it covers all of the do’s and dont of apiculture, giving everybody from beginners to skilled beekeepers a helpful bank of data that they’ll quickly access. Like with most hobbies, there area unit many things to find out and perceive, however memory everything isn’t invariably easy! therefore, this can be wherever the yank Bee Journal app becomes terribly useful, having the ability to quickly check on one thing bee-related once you area unit out and concerning amongst your hives isn’t solely handy however also will prevent time additionally. 

The app is packed jam-packed with info starting from how-to articles, a matter and answer section from individuals a bit like you, a listing of future apiculture events and seminars for those that want to search out out additional and meet different beekeepers. The app is liberal to transfer and there’s a subscription service to receive future problems. Overall, it’s a really helpful app for those that need fast access to a wealth of apiculture info. 

Hivekeepers for Beekeepers 

This is a really fashionable app for hobbyists and industrial beekeepers alike.  

It permits you to record info concerning your apiaries, hives and even frames on an individual basis. That’s very nice for analyzing the strength of native traits vs purchased colonies. 

Say, for example, you captured a swarm and you have got place up the beehive in an exceedingly field on property that’s ideal for forage. 

Closer to home, you have got colonies that you simply purchased from a stock breeder in another state. 

You can use this app to capture important info on the productivity of the queen, her brooding pattern, resistance to pests and diseases and even honey production. 

The great half concerning this app is that the ability to update your records victimisation images. 

Very too soon, I didn’t shrewdness long it took for the bees to cure the honey. 

With this, you’ll be able to learn by taking photos as they still fill, cure and cap the honey. 

That way, you may be ready to distinguish a pattern for the approaching years and accurately confirm once to reap supported your records. 

Records analysis needs to be the largest advantage of this app. 

Over the years, you’ll be able to inspect the performance of your colonies. 

It even provides notifications if you neglect a hive for too long. this can be a good tool to feature to your beekeeper’s kit. 

Beekeeper lite 

This app could be a nice scrutiny assistant. It permits you to record the main points of every colony. 

Without having to sort out any words, you’ll be able to quickly record the temperament of the ladies, the presence of brood, and also the presence of the queen, either proven by eggs or by seeing her. 

You just ought to faucet your screen and you have got a really comprehensive record of your scrutiny. 

The records tab can act as a listing, reminding you to ascertain for all the important signs of your colony’s health and prosperity. 

For instance, is your queen marked? this might be particularly helpful when the swarming season. 

Sometimes you’ll be able to do everything right and also the colony still swarms. 

If you’ve noticed a distinction within the behaviour of the colony, it’s going to be time to ascertain for the queen. 

A quick look at the listing can inform you to seem for your queen and check if your marked queen remains on top of things. 

As a beginner, it’s sometimes well, to start with a minimum of a pair of colonies. 

Since the app permits you to record the strain of bee that you simply have, you’ll be able to compare and distinction their performance.

It’s a fast tool to use on the go and also the developers of the app answer queries and complaints must you have any. 

HiveTracks Mobile App 

If your bee house is somewhere outside within the geographic area, then this app is unquestionably for you. 

The recording is finished offline, therefore you don’t ought to worry concerning cell service and wireless local area network signals. 

It keeps a record of your hives supported the GPS coordinates that don’t would like cell service to figure. 

Once you’re at the bee house, you’ll be able to utilize your hands to urge the task done as you create associate audio record of your visit. 

That makes it easier to capture all the important info and you have got fewer things to juggle throughout your scrutiny visits. 

If you see one thing significantly important, you’ll be able to simply take an image then continue along with your sound recording. 

Once you’re back inside vary, the app can transfer your info and merge it with the account antecedently started. 

It’s quite straightforward to use. 

Bee Health App 

There’s little question that bees area unit vulnerable by us. 

Well, maybe to be additional precise, we’ve created associate surroundings that’s wiping them out at associate appalling rate. 

By moving colonies across the globe, we’ve exposed them to pests and diseases they’re not equipped to touch upon. 

Part of the matter could be a lack of data. 

In order to assist the bees, we’d like a much better understanding of the challenges they face and also the treatment choices for them. This free app is simply what beekeepers would like. 

It’s nice for beginners WHO area unit simply beginning out. the primary year of apiculture is basically troublesome. 

There’s most info to stay in mind. A century past, apiculture was straightforward. 

Just place the hives at a convenient place and let the bees do all the work. 

Now, you wish to fret concerning mites, observation their numbers and rotating treatments. 

You need to fret concerning diseases that have an effect on brood and the way to stop them. You need to find out to diagnose diseases moving the adult bees.  

All this can be greatly assisted by this app that’s a handy reference tool. 

It has photos of the varied pests and sickness you’ll encounter, with updated scientific info on treatment choices. Information could be a must-have in your apiculture kit. 

 Apiary Book 

One inspects this application and you’ll be able to tell that there’s positively a apiculturist behind this app. 

There area unit several people that area unit content to stay their records the quaint manner. Pen and paper ne’er very leave of fashion, however they need challenges. 

One of them is that analysing trends, particularly over a amount of years will be onerous. I reserve that energy for doing my taxes. 

This comprehensive app permits you to record each single side of apiculture. 

From queen biological science and age to colony movements, the app has been developed to capture all the important info you wish to create healthy colonies long run. 

There is even associate assistant on the app to assist the beginner with basic info. 

The capability of the app is specified it’ll accommodate your growth. you’ll be able to add apiaries and hives as your hobby or business grows. 

Another valuable feature is that the reminders offered by this app.  Sometimes you have got a hive that’s started on an individual basis from the others. Out of sight, out of mind.  

When you’re simply starting, you’d assume that this can be associate unlikely situation however as you expand, generally some things slip your mind. 

This will facilitate to inform you to seem in on it lone ranger colony, to stay them healthy. Available in fourteen languages, this can be a good tool to own. 

Beekeeping Demystified 

This is your final pocket-sized all-things-bee wordbook. Everything you wish to grasp concerning bees is prepacked on this mobile app. 

Beekeeping will be habit-forming. 

Even when losing dozens of colonies, such a large amount of beekeepers keep on with it as a result of once you fall taken with with these stunning creatures, its forever. 

Even so, the journey is rocky. The only thanks to prepare is to assemble info before and through.  

Sure, there’s heaps you may learn on the task, and also the learning ne’er stops. however you are doing would like an area to start out. 

What higher foundation than one that aims to modify this stunning apply with associate all-you-can-read information buffet. 

There’s more… 

Maybe you don’t like your regular textbook format and wish to visualize what’s current… 

What debates area unit presently going on? 

What area unit the new findings on varroa? 

What cool contraption are you able to try and build your apiculture expertise a touch easier? 

The app has you lined. They provide videos and podcasts that name all current apiculture topics. 

There’s even associate audiobook enclosed that you simply will hear offline. 

Your hardcopy books play nice cocktail table reads, however since we have a tendency to area unit typically on the go, this app is simply the tool you wish to stay yourself updated. 

BeePlus apiculture Manager 

This is an incredible app on the market on the apple app store. Remember everything you wont to place down on your notebook? 

It’s all here and they’ve even value-added some info that you simply might have forgotten to incorporate. 

For instance, however typically does one write the weather on every day of inspection? 

 This may appear arbitrary and you’ll set this aside for the poetic apiculturist, however it’s scientific weight. 

If the bees seem additional aggressive than usual, there’s the temptation to quickly blame biological science and look for to requeen the hive.  

But why not return to your records and appearance at your previous inspections. What was the weather like that day? you would possibly notice that their fretfulness was caused by excessive humidness.  

Once you’ve given them every week or 2 and you get a possibility within the weather, you’ll examine them and notice they’re the calm ladies you have got adult to like. 

It’s conjointly a good tool for following your bee instrumentality, for example, supers. you’ll be able to quickly scan your records and establish what percentage supers you wish to feature for nectar flow.  

You have the distinctive QR codes for the hives and also the app has the capability to permit pictorial records of your hive visits. 

If you’re associate Apple product user, this can be a good app to own for your apiculture activities. 

HiveTool Mobile 

Here’s another winning apiculture app for you.  

The dashboard includes tabs that enable you to record the strength of your colony by adult and brood population, the standing of your queen (virgin or mated) and even the quantitative relation of sirup used. 

This free app has the capability to accommodate each the amateur and also the industrial apiculturist. 

For those with dozens of hives, they need the choice of associate categorical scrutiny, wherever information on colonies that show similar characteristics will be entered right away, instead of creating individual entries. 

This can all be tired the sector as a result of the app doesn’t need a cell signal for information entry. 

Once you’re back from the geographic area, you’ll be able to use the synchronize perform to transfer all of your new info to the cloud. 

One of my favorite options is that the export capability, that permits you to convert your analyzed information into spreadsheets for your viewing and sharing pleasure. this can be significantly useful as an academic tool. 

You could be a beginner nowadays, however a trainer tomorrow and exploitation your own shed as a case study could be a good way for your students to induce a sensible read of cultivation. 

Their catchword says it all. specialize in what matters, that is your cultivation. The app makes record keeping easy. 

Bee Appy – Hive Management 

I’ll go straight to my favourite feature on this app. That’s the feedback channel they use. 

How many times have you ever used associate app and thought, will whoever designed this recognize something regarding what the important world state of affairs is? 

Well, the Bee Appy folks have thought this half through and exploitation Trello, make sure that you’ll be able to offer valuable info on the options you most worth on the app as they still improve it. 

In addition to it, it provides you with all the items that a useful scrutiny tool will. 

An easy to follow list is that the cornerstone of any granger, and therefore the app simplifies this so information entry comes right down to simply a number of seconds. 

This is a good app to own as each a beginner and as a seasoned granger.  Features to seem out for once shopping for a cultivation app. 

Most of the apps today can embody all of the mandatory options to trace and maintain your hives. you’ll notice that some beekeepers ar ancient and prefer to keep hold of the pen and paper, of course, there’s no damage during this, however taking advantage of recent technology typically edges U.S. within the long-term. These apps don’t seem to be technical to use and it’s simply a case of inputting the information as you go, a number of the apps do supply additional subtle levels of news however typically this can be} additional often for the professionals or firms WHO are running large-scale apiaries. 

We have place along a definitive list of options that ought to be enclosed in your app, thus if you are doing notice associate app that you just like the look of and it ticks off all the options below, then you’re smart to go! 

Note-taking for fast and correct inspections 

Reminder operate for vital forthcoming tasks 

Visual news via graphs for in-depth analysis 

Camera-enabled to feature photos and visualize your hives over time 

Ability to share information with people for discussion or recommendation 

Final words on granger apps 

So there you’ve got it, an inventory of all the present cultivation apps on the market at the instant. you are doing have quite ton to decide on from however this text ought to have given you some food for considered what to be trying to find. It’s true that the bulk of the apps ar fairly similar in terms of options, however some are designed tons higher than others with easy layouts. 

Be sure in grips this in mind as a result of there’s nothing additional frustrating than an advanced layout or menu. the most purpose to understand is that exploitation these apps can assist you become a more robust granger, while not one you may find yourself without aim going regarding your business and tending to your bees, with no real sense of however well you’re doing – or additional to the purpose, you’ll don’t have any plan regarding however you’ll be able to improve! 

Beekeeping is changing into additional and additional in style, thus you’ll be able to expect to envision additional apps shooting up within the app stores over succeeding few years. As long because the app you decide on includes the most options (listed above) which you are feeling comfy exploitation it, within the sense that it’s straightforward to use and doesn’t frustrate you, then you must end up having the ability to enhance your overall cultivation. 

Beginners, intimate with beekeepers and professionals can all like employing a beehive app, it’s simply logic to trace your work and see what’s operating and what’s not and these apps build it terribly easy and simple. we have a tendency to all build mistakes however if we will determine wherever and why we have a tendency to went wrong, we will build the correct changes to assist our bees live a healthier and additional productive life! 

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