Bumble Bees Vs Honey Bees: 6 Differences That May Astonish You!

Bumble Bees Vs Honey Bees: 6 Differences That May Astonish You!

In the bee world, we like to keep it basic. We name you for what you are most popular for.  

Leafcutter honey bees cut leaves. Woodworker honey bees drill openings in wood. Bricklayer honey bees construct their homes from the earth. You get the thought.  

This is the reason the honey bee and bumble bee are named in an unexpected way.  

The bumble bee is known more for its uproarious low buzz, while the honey bee is known for the nectar syrup we like to shower on our preferred cakes.  

There are different contrasts between honey bees and bumble bees, some unobtrusive and others glaring that we will investigate also. 

Bumble Bee Vs Honey Bee: Size and Shape 

Bumble Bee Vs Honey Bee: Size and Shape

Bumblebees are marginally greater and hairier than their tamed cousins. They are magnificently prepared for the dust gathering work they are known for.  

Honey bees have less hair which is the reason there are such a significant number of instances of mixed up personality among them and wasps, for example, yellow coats. Honey bees are likewise somewhat slim, and you can see the head and chest are plainly discrete.   

Bumblebees then again seem as though the head and chest are one. Except if you get truly close, you can’t tell where the head ends and the chest starts. 

Bumble Bee Vs Honey Bee: Nests 

Bumble Bee Vs Honey Bee: Nests

Honey bees like to celebrate the good life, actually. On the off chance that a beekeeper or aficionado doesn’t set up a beehive for them, they’ll settle for a cavern, the space in your rooftop, or an emptied tree. They keep over the ground.  

At the point when you intend to aggregate a lot of honey stores, you unquestionably need to protect it. A portion of their normal predators are prowlers, for example, ants, skunks, and bears.  

Being arranged over the ground permits them to utilize gravity as a barrier. I’ll give you a model. The goliath honey bees of Nepal home on precipices that require forthcoming honey trackers to move more than 1000 ft so as to get at the honey. 


On the off chance that you have a dread of statures, a multitude of extremely furious protective bees won’t assist you with beating your dread. That wipes out various expected predators.  

Bumblebees then again home underground. They find deserted tunnels and fabricate their homes.  

In spite of the fact that they do make honey, they do as such in little amounts on the grounds that not many individuals from the province need to endure the winter and they each head out in their own direction and fight for themselves. They likewise rest through the winter so no requirement for the huge stores. 

Bumble Bees Vs Honey Bees: Domestication 


Bumblebees are as yet known to be wild creepy crawlies and have not experienced as much hereditary adjustment as honey bees have. Bumblebees resemble wolves, while honey bees resemble Labradoodles.  

After some time, raisers have joined bees for their different characteristics including honey creation, personality and as of late varroa resistance.  

Therefore, you’ll see that some honey bees will be more lenient toward your steady interruption than a home of bumble bees would. 

Bumble Bee Vs Honey Bee: Stings 

Bumblebee-Vs.-Honey-Bee Stings

Bumblebees don’t have the numbers that their cousins have, yet have been equipped with a similar weapon, a stinger.  

Nature has in this manner decided to support them with the capacity to sting on different occasions. In the interim, their partners just get that one possibility.  

In the event that they happen to squander it on your glove, so be it. Of course, when you have 50,000 sisters, you can bear to squander a sting or two in light of the fact that two or three thousand will undoubtedly hit their imprint.  

The impact of the sting on the body is comparable and is generally hazardous in the event that you have a sensitivity to bee stings. Passing by a honey bee is more normal than bumblebee due to the numbers in question.  

Africanized bees, for example, convey the greater part the state when they are under danger. 

Bumble Bee Vs Honey Bee: Numbers 

NumbersBumblebees start off with only one queen. She’s a solitary officer who discovers some great land and settles 

She constructs cells in which to lay her eggs and thinks about them until they are mature enough to begin thinking about others. This is the point at which she appoints the greater part of her homecare obligations and spotlights on laying the eggs. She just has a couple of months to do this because she’ll be passed by winter to clear a path for a portion of her little girls to become queens.   

The life of a queen honey bee is really one of qualification. She doesn’t go without an escort, which is the thing that a multitude is. At the point when the old queen leaves with her faithful subjects, the new queen isn’t disregarded. In the event that she was, she would starve. She has enough work to deal with her and her young.  

The sole obligation of the queen bee is to lay eggs. She doesn’t fabricate brush, doesn’t tidy up, doesn’t do clothing or medical attendant the infants. That is left to her little girls the working drones.  

Accordingly, she can endure the winter because her girls will bunch around all her and themselves warm.  

Warmth is certainly a round of numbers. The more they are, the more warmth they create. A solid hive will have bees that number during the many thousands, while bumble bees will just have a couple hundred bees in a home. 

Bumble Bee Vs Honey Bee: Over Winter 

Bumble Bee Vs Honey Bee: Over Winter
Bumble Bee Vs Honey Bee: Over Winter

Who doesn’t care for a decent nestle when the temperatures drop? Indeed, no doubt the bumblebee couldn’t care less a lot for packaging along with its sisters or little girls.  

As summer attracts to a nearby, a bumble bee will lay the up and coming age of queens and automatons. Already, she was simply laying little aides, whose reason for existing was to gather food and care for their kin.  

Presently, she’s preparing to pass on the species light. At the point when the new queens develop, they proceed to mate. As fall begins, they feed so as to get enough fat to last them through the winter.  

When the temperatures drop, each queen will locate her own protected space where she will rest away the chill and develop in spring.  

Honeybees don’t hibernate. They diminish their open air exercises as fall offers approach to winter, yet they are as yet cognizant in the hive, moving and eating until the climate permits them to leave the security of their homes. This is the reason they have to store honey.  

Not at all like bumble bees that store the food they need inside their exoskeletons, bees manufacture a wash room and utilize the stores to continue the whole province all through the winter. 

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