3 Best Plants To Boost Honey Production

3 Best Plants To Boost Honey Production

Probably the most ideal approach to help your bumblebees is to give them a wide menu of honey bee cordial plants and blossoms to visit.

Bumblebees need a lot of dust and nectar to take make that sweet, brilliant nectar to cherish. All things considered, it’s critical to give your hives access to plants that are wealthy in the two substances.

Ensure you plant an assortment of blossoms that sprout in various seasons.

This will take care of your bumblebees all through the entirety of spring, summer, and fall. Here is a portion of our preferred plants that expand nectar creation.


best plants for increasing honey production - Cosmos
Cosmos Flowers

The Cosmo flower plant requires very little skill to grow and it looks cute. It is a beneficial addition to your garden as this gorgeous flower will attract honey bees as well as wild pollinators such as bumblebees.

Make sure you plant them in a group so that your honey bees can easily access and collect the pollen. It’s better to plant these flowers later to avoid deadly frost season.


best plants for increasing honey production - Mint

Herbs make wonderful bee-friendly plants and a perfect addition to your delicious meals.  Mint is the coolest and the best herb for you and your honey bees.

This plant is extraordinarily easy to grow. Just be careful to plant your mint in a container so that it doesn’t take over the rest of your garden.

Mint flowers bloom throughout the summer and into early autumn, providing your honey bees a refreshing place to forage during the later part of the honey-making season.


best plants for increasing honey production - Clover
Clover Plant

Clover is a weed but it is invaluable to honey production. White clover once dominated much of America’s honey production, but it is now yielded ground to other types, such as sweet clover or alsike clover.

Each clover variation needs a slightly different time and climate. Undoubtedly, placing your honey bees near fields of any of these clover types will boost your honey harvest.

Growing the plants that increase honey production is just similar to keeping a fruitful honey beehive. If you’re looking for more information, resources, or bee equipment for sale, head on over to beekeeping.com.We’ll set you up with the tools you need to make each season a sweet success.


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